Sand Lake

A Top Multi-Species Fishery

Sand Lake is a top Minnesota Fishing Lake and is a naturally fed 4,300 acre lake with a maximum depth of 70 feet with a lot of 50 foot water. This means that Sand Lake, in the hottest part of the summer, will stay cooler than most other Minnesota Walleye Fishing lakes therefore allowing the fish to be more active the whole year through.

Sand Lake is connected to several other area lakes via the Bowstring River. The other lakes include Bowstring Lake, Little Sand Lake, Portage Lake, Bird’s Eye Lake, Rice Lake, Dora Lake, the Bowstring River and the Bigfork River. This comprises the Bowstring Chain of Lakes system. Starting at Little Bowstring Lake our water all flows north to the Hudson.

Lakewood Lodge is located in a quiet, protected 80 acre bay of Sand Lake. Our MN Resort is located on the south side of Sand Lake offering you fabulous sunset views as Lakewood Lodge faces the west looking across Lakewood Bay.

Anglers enjoy tremendous multi-species fishing as Sand Lake boasts an abundant supply of walleye, northern, bass, jumbo perch, crappie and pan fish. In cooperation with the DNR, the Sand Lake Property Owners Association has developed a very aggressive walleye stocking program.

Click here to view a printable map of Sand Lake 

Sand Lake is one of the more aggressively stocked lakes for walleye in the state of Minnesota. Lakewood Lodge, the MN DNR and the Sand Lake Association work closely to continue to improve Sand Lake as a Great fishery. This clip shows the DNR stocking Sand Lake via the boat launch at Lakewood Lodge. This is one of 4 drops performed. At this one drop there were approximately 10,600 walleye fingerlings stocked.