Ahh Nature!
Many studies have shown that being in and around nature is very good for your health. It can change your brain by making it more relaxed and in more of a meditated state. Being in sunlight helps regulate your sleep patterns. Sunny skies can provide your body with Vitamin D. Nature’s sights and sounds can help decrease worry and anxiety. It has been shown to help with depression and ADHD. It can help physical fitness. It can help improve senses and memory, improve mood, decrease stress and provide opportunities for fun. Fresh air also improves blood pressure.
For children nature has shown increases in self-esteem and felt it taught them how to take risks, unleash their creativity and give them a chance to exercise, play and discover. On average kids spend seven hours or more in front of an electronic screen instead of enjoying the outdoors. Sunlight and fresh air are a much better option.
Fishing too has positive health benefits. Generally, when we are in nature, we are more active therefore heart health is improved. It benefits your brain by “unplugging” from the daily stress of life. Dexterity is another benefit of fishing. High oxygen levels and sunlight are good for you. Low impact exercise, relaxation and fun are all very good for you and your all-around health.
We happen to know the perfect Minnesota Family Resort for you to fulfill the above benefits to you and your children. Lakewood Lodge offers you plenty of open space in nature along with the ability to enjoy the lake, sunlight, trees, birds etc. Plus it is a lot of fun too!
Sand Lake offers very good multi-species fishing. We are in the Chippewa National Forest for walking the woods and seeing nature. We have a beach, playground, water toys and lots of outdoor family games.
Give Lakewood Lodge a try by visiting www.lakewoodlodge.com or by calling us at 1-800-495-8437.
We hope to see you this summer.