Our 2019 season is off to a good start.
The weather has been odd. The 2019 MN Fishing Opener started off with the highest water levels we have seen in all our years here. This created some challenges for anglers as the old 12 foot “honey hole” was then 15 to 16 feet deep. The water has come down some but still higher than normal. Water temps began pretty cold when the season kicked off but now is about where it should be. Rain, rain and more rain for the first few weeks. Then, we get a week in May where everyday was in the upper 80’s and some 90’s. all the sudden, poof, freeze warnings at night. Odd! It is now beautiful in the low to mid 70’s.
With the cold water the fishing started off a bit slow but many fish still caught. After a few days into the season fishing began to get stronger. The Perch bite so far this season has been very strong. We saw many 13” to 14” Perch caught. In late May the Panfish bite picked up and our docks were a very popular spot. It lasted about an hour and a half in the morning then they moved out to a bit deeper water. We did not see many Crappie until the first week of June. When they decided to show up, they did so in force. The Walleye have been pretty consistent since about the third week in May. The best time for Walleye fishing has been evenings but many are being caught in the middle of the day as well. For some reason we saw an early interest from Walleye in leeches. Whatever works, right! The Smallmouth Bass fishing on Sand Lake has exploded over the last few years. Many they are fun to catch! And, well, the Northern Pike are always biting on Sand Lake.
It is finally time for “Beach” weather! The slide, raft, canoe, kayaks etc are in and ready for fun. The playground has been a busy place lately. Games of Badminton and volleyball are normal all day long. As my Dad calls it, Wilson (the tether ball) is ALWAYS taking a beating.
We are very much looking forward to the rest of the season. It always seems to go by so fast.
Steve & Danielle

Nice stringer of fish

Another beautiful sunset