WOW! It’s hard to believe we have now finished our 18th season at Lakewood Lodge. All those years ago we did not know what we were really getting into by buying a Minnesota family resort, all for the good! We can’t begin to express the joy we have had at Lakewood Lodge, the family bonding, the friends we have made and of course the ability to work for yourself. If you get the chance to buy a Minnesota resort and you WANT this life style, we highly recommend it! It has been GREAT. Minnesota resorts are a great way to live and make a living.

Sand Lake is a great lake and we were very lucky buying on Lakewood Bay.

The most gratifying for us is two-fold, the friends we have made over the years and to see guests return year after year to Lakewood Lodge.

As we look back at now adults like Andrew, Donny and many others that we met when they were in diapers that are now graduating from college and getting married, we realize how lucky we are as well as how old we are getting. Our kids were 2 & 7 when we moved to Deer River MN. Now they are both off to college, one working on his master’s degree and the other half way to his degree. They are 20 & 25. WOW!

Ok, so I am rambling. Get to the point!

The point is to say Thank You!

We are so happy and Thankful to ALL of you who have chosen Lakewood Lodge as you vacation destination. We are very grateful for your friendship and when one season end’s we can’t wait for the next season to begin to see you all again. Our lives have been truly blessed by each of you!

Whether you come to Lakewood Lodge for fishing, hunting, relaxation or to simply get away from the hecticness of life in general, we are glad we are here to provide for you and we appreciate you choosing Lakewood Lodge.

We hope you have a great Holiday season and a blessed 2019.

Steve, Danielle, Stephen & Cole