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Lakewood Lodge on Sand Lake

What a beautiful morning at Lakewood Lodge on Sand Lake. Tomorrow they are talking about a front coming thru and ate using that nasty four letter word.....SNOW! It won't last long as we are supposed to be in the 60's this week.

April 26th at Lakewood Lodge

And then there is this!?!    

New Sand!

New blanket of sand being added to our beach, playground and volleyball court at Lakewood Lodge in Deer River, MN.  

4-16-10 Webcam Photo

>Normally we are just getting started on our outdoor projects for the spring. As you can see in this picture things are starting to green up already. Lots of wind lately. No rain (which we desperately need) but warm. We have enjoyed our early spring and warm weather but it sure makes it feel like [...]

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