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Docks Are In!!!

Docks are in and ready for your boats! Thanks to help from Great Friends, Charlie, Jason, Jesse and Mark we had all the docks ready in less than 2 hours. Of course as with every year of putting docks in it had to rain first, then snow during the process.

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April Storm

We did not get tornadoes like Oklahoma and Kansas. We did not get heavy rains and hail like Nebraska. We did however get SNOW! Yesterday it rained on and off but as the sun went down it turned to snow. Wet and heavy snow. We lost power several times throughout the night and they called [...]

Bald Eagle

This Bald Eagle decided to take a break right outside our living room window. He was sitting there watching three smaller birds chasing and diving at a young Bald Eagle. When the small birds would get close to this Eagle you could see him duck his head and move his upper body side to side [...]

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