Hunting Tips from the Pros


“Hunt ’em Where They Are”

by Charlie Worrath
Professional Guide

You probably have heard the old baseball adage “Hit ‘em where they ain’t.” Well, the best way to describe white-tailed deer hunting in the Sand Lake area is by saying, “Hunt ‘em where they are.” And where they are is the Sand Lake territory.

If you want numbers, they are here.  Due to mild winters, logging, and proper management the deer herd is at its highest levels. If you want trophies, many, many have come from here and the gene pool is like the “Energizer Bunny” it keeps on tickin’, producing “wall-hangers” year after year.  Look in the trophy books. You will find this area is ranked near the top for both Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young entries.

If you want variety, we definitely have that. Archery starts in the middle of September and runs until December 30.  Add to that a 16-day firearms season in November and then another 16-day muzzleloader season at the end of November and into December and you will see that we have something for every type of deer hunter. There are also a number of ways to license your hunt. For more information hit the MN DNR website, there is a ton of information available.If you want diversity, we have any type of terrain you like to hunt. You can perch in a portable on the wood-line next to a field or hunker on the edge of a cedar swamp and wait for “old mossy.”  Or if the wild woods are your pleasure there are thousands of acres of birch, aspen, oak, maple, and even the rich green conifers. Also keep in mind, there are hundreds of thousands of acres of public land just sitting there waiting to be hunted.

Whether it’s a nice buck sneaking through a kaleidoscope of October color or gliding softly through November snowflakes, the end result is always the same…heart-pounding action and dreams that became great memories.

And remember, when you stay at Lakewood Lodge, you have your very own deer shack. You can hunt or pre-hunt in September or October and chase some grouse as they rocket into the sifting reds and yellows and rich browns of fall’s falling leaves. And guess what? There is no maintenance or taxes or insurances, as you would have if you owned a deer shack.  All you have to do is enjoy the greatest show on earth…fall in northern Minnesota.

So, come on in to deer hunting paradise. Set up your very own deer shack. Maybe even catch a fall walleye or two or shoot a grouse for dinner. Just keep in mind that snap of a twig might just might turn into a white tine that might attached to the buck of a lifetime. And even if it isn’t, there is nothing finer that a venison steak sizzling over a bed of hot coals.

If you are worried about hunting new country…don’t…we are here to help you hunt. The one thing you won’t need any help in finding is the beauty of a northern Minnesota fall.  From September’s first hints of fall to October’s burst of color to the steel gray skies of November to December’s comforting white blanket, there is more artistry here than in all the museums in the world. All you have to do is see the northern lights to know what I am talking about.

Hunt the Sand Lake area and headquarter at Lakewood Lodge. If you do, you will definitely find out that this is where dreams dobecome memories.