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Minnesota’s Top Fishing Guides Offer Guided Trips

If you are looking for a terrific day of fishing and want to learn the pros angling techniques, we highly recommend these professional guides.  These guides have the knowledge that’s gained only by professionals who spend everyday on the water. Let them share their expertise with you – you’ll be glad you did! As resort owners, we are always happy to hear a guest ask for a guide during their stay since we are certain they will catch fish to eat (and some to take home) and will have future fishing success as they apply what they have learned from their experience. Especially if it is your first time out on Sand Lake, give these guides a call. You deserve it!!!

5-25-10 NE boys and Jason 2 Francis Kelley with their catch with Charlie 6-20-10 andrew with charlie and walleye

Nice Stringer

Fenske's Nice stringer


8-4-14 charlie with guests and stringer


pic90_lg pic54_lg pic32_lg pic27_lg pic21_lg pic2_lg jason-june-2013-05 2016-jason-boser-walleye-04 2016-jason-and-hank-with-walleye 2016-charlie-lakewood-lodge-july-1-960 2014-end-of-july-011 2014-Charlie-with-clients 2014-Charlie-aug-24 2013-august-fall-01 2012-late-fall-walleye 2012-Charlie-walleye(5) 2012-Charlie-walleye(4) 2012-Charlie-walleye(3) 2012-Charlie-earlyJuly 5-25-10 NE boys and Jason 2 9-21-14 steve dani jason marycay with crappie Francis Kelley with their catch with Charlie   6-21-15 charlie with stringer of walleye