White Oak Dog Sled Classic

The White Oak Dog Sled Classic takes place on the second weekend of January. The race begins Saturday morning with staging, introduction and scent trail beginning at 9am.

White Oak’s Sled Dog Classic—-It was fantastic and fun for everyone! Check out www.whiteoakclassicsleddograce.org for winners of all four categories. Thanks to all who volunteered to be part of this big weekend!

Friday registration, dog checks, and “Meet the Mushers” Spaghetti Dinner 3-7:30 p.m. at the White Oak Learning Centre & Fur Post at 33155 State Hwy 6, one mile north of Deer River on Hwy 6

Saturday 6-9:30 a.m. Pancake Breakfast, and Race begins at Rendezvous Stage at 10 a.m., with introductions, Scent Trail, and staging starting at 9:30 a.m.

6:30 p.m. Squaw Lake Community Center ends the Trophy Race, and Awards given out for the first two categories: Recreational and Trophy Teams (The Bob Lundeen Memorial Teams)

Sunday 6:30 a.m.- Noon Pancake Breakfast & Race ends by noon at the Marcell Family Center

Noon – Awards Given out for the 8-Dog and 10 Dog Professional teams

It’s a go for the Fifth Annual White Oak Dog Sled Classic! It will be a dog sled event celebrating the “Northern Minnesota Winters”, as well as “Reliving Our Fur Trade Era” history when dog sled teams were a necessity for survival!

From the Rendezvous stage , the two beginning classes go to the Gosh Dam Place, at the corner of #46 and “9”. The Trophy class has a two hour mandatory rest period at the Gosh Dam Place, and will continue to Squaw Lake Community Center, whereas the Rec class ends at Gosh Dam Place. the two professional teams go straight past Gosh Dam, through Squaw Lake, ending in Northome!

The 130 mile “overnight” run will be for 10 dog professional teams! They will be continuing on past Northome and straight ahead to new trails towards Effie, Bigfork and Marcell! They will also go through the Gosh Dam Place Crossing, on to Squaw Lake and to Northome. They will have a chance to rest the mandated time in either Northome or Effie, and will take off in the middle of the night for their completion of the race onto Effie, Bigfork, and Marcell.

Two weekends after this awesome opportunity for the dog teams to practice and get prepared, is the annual Beargrease Race out of Duluth!!

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